After 20+ years of building beautiful homes utilising our New Zealand tested method on a commercial basis, we have gained a huge amount of experience from a unique perspective.

We undertake to manage the complete building process and ensure stress free enjoyment of your build, providing fully documented plans, specifications & producer statements to ensure building consent applications are readily accepted along with a fixed price contract.

As Master Build Members we offer the Master Build 10 Year Guarantee.

Strawmark has developed a future-proof “Cavity System” to meet today‚Äôs Local Building Authorities building consent requirements. Vented cavities have become a requirement of the NZ Building Code of Practice for all structures. While not yet mandatory in all areas for straw bale we believe for the longevity of structures which must last a minimum of 50 years, it is a good option.

Our system retains the soft natural texture of the straw bale wall and will ensure building compliance Nationwide.