The niche market that Strawmark occupies allows us to offer an extremely high standard of finish. A cost competitive, healthy and extraordinarily beautiful alternative – proven over time – to the many modern constructions of today

As well as answering every lifestyle requirement over the past 20 years, the small number sold have also performed superbly in the property market.

Strawmark is very comparable in cost with other ‘quality’ building mediums, their very significant financial advantage is in the reduction of ongoing energy costs, continuing  over the life of the building.

Straw bale is not a low cost DIY medium. Specialist expertise is required if your home is to stand the test of time and appreciate your investment.

Specialised designs are part of our everyday work, where we listen to your needs, and work together to translate them into a living environment to reflect your personality and lifestyle needs.  Superb individually designed homes with 500mm thick solid walls that offer warmth and appeal, and more importantly healthy living and safety.

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