Living the way nature intended..

..with beauty and performance

Straw houses the way of the future?

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Strawmark  A  personal Building Company that you can trust”

Passionate about quality and producing homes that have soul and integrity.

‘Permanence and Performance’ in straw bale construction as their logo says.

A small niche company, owned and operated by Karin & Alan Cameron which has become the leader in modern use of straw bale in construction within the Southern hemisphere. Their building system an excellent choice for a wide variety of building applications, from townhouse chic to rural lifestyle, including commercial projects, from golf clubhouses to wineries, restaurants, accommodation and industrial units… Boasting a large number of beneficial attributes including substantial strength against earthquake, fire-safety, energy efficiency, cost and versatility of design.

Strawmark is bale building at it’s best:

  • Thermal Efficient
  • Sustainable
  • Healthy
  • Quiet
  • Safe

Modern and lineal with lots of glass or simply traditional the choice is yours.

For further information please contact Karin by telephone or email.